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Why Choose Us?

When it comes to financial solutions that cater to your unique needs, SCM Capital is your trusted partner.

Expertise and Industry Knowledge

With a team of seasoned professionals who possess extensive experience in finance and investment banking, we bring deep industry knowledge and an understanding of the unique challenges faced by businesses today. Our expertise allows us to develop tailored solutions that align with your specific goals.

Commitment to Excellence

At SCM Capital Limited, we are driven by a commitment to excellence in all aspects of our services. We maintain the highest ethical standards, adhere to regulatory requirements, and deliver exceptional results for our clients. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Customized Approach

We recognize that every client is unique, and we take the time to understand your individual requirements. Our solutions are designed to address your specific needs and deliver optimal outcomes, providing you with a competitive edge in the market.

Strategic Partnerships

We have cultivated strong relationships with key market participants, including investors, lenders, and industry experts. These partnerships enable us to offer a wide range of financial solutions and access to a network of opportunities to support your growth and success.

Holistic Advisory Services

When urgent financial needs arise, our short-term equity-backed facilities provide swift access to capital to seize time-sensitive opportunities. Leveraging our network of investors, we structure creative solutions that utilize equity as collateral, ensuring a quick and efficient process that meets your immediate funding requirements.

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Our Mission & Vision

Promoting Value Adding Business Relationships.

To be a reference point in the provision of Investment Banking Services.

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What we bring to you

Capital Issues

As a registered Issuing House with the Security and Exchange Commission, we structure and raise long time caiptal for our clients through equity and debt instruments from the capital market. 

Financial Advisory

We provide bespoke financial and business advisory services to our clients based on identified needs, the unique features and dynamics of each transaction. Our clientele includes sub-nationals and corporates in various industries.

Structured Finance

The Structured Finance team works with clients to monetize assets and cash flows through recourse and non-recourse financing structures such as Structure Trade Finance, Contract Finance, and much more…

Asset Management

SCM Capital Asset Management Limited is the full service Asset Management subsidiary of SCM Capital Limited and is licensed by the Securities & Exchange …

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We are the leader

Your Future Is Safe With Us


Your Future Is Safe With Us

We will guide you from start to finish on how you can grow your assets and...




Our digital channels provide easy access to invest from the comfort of your home or office...

Visionary INSIGHTS


Visionary INSIGHTS

We are timelessly making in roads into new frontiers.

Business Growth Solutions


Business Growth Solutions

We will build a PORTFOLIO tailored for you and your business no matter what your preference...

Fianacial Advisory Service


Fianacial Advisory Service

Stay on track to achieve your financial goal. Win with our wealth advisory team.

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What our clients say?

Maria Williamsfrom Lagos

SCM Capital Limited has been an invaluable partner in managing our investments. Their exceptional customer service and expert advice have significantly grown our portfolio.

Caroline Nombafrom Porthacourt

The team at SCM Capital Limited demonstrated excellence in guiding us through complex financial decisions. Their knowledge and personalized approach made all the difference.

John Smithfrom Abuja

We've been with SCM Capital Limited for years, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. Their proactive strategies have consistently yielded outstanding results.

Hannah Aderibigbefrom Lagos

Working with SCM Capital Limited has been a game-changer for our business. Their financial expertise and innovative solutions have helped us navigate challenges and seize new opportunities.

Kenneth Elliotfrom Porthacourt

As a long-term client, I can attest to SCM Capital Limited's dedication to excellence. Their team's professionalism, attention to detail, and integrity make them a trusted partner in managing our investments.

Lorah Robertsfrom Lagos

SCM Capital Limited's deep industry knowledge and strategic insights have been instrumental in optimizing our investment portfolio. Their proactive approach ensures we stay ahead in a competitive market

Adebimpe Ladejobifrom Lagos

I have been impressed with SCM Capital Limited's customer-centric approach. They always take the time to understand our unique financial goals and tailor solutions that align perfectly with our needs.

Musa Habbibatfrom Abuja

When it comes to investment banking, SCM Capital Limited stands out from the rest. Their commitment to delivering results and their unwavering focus on client success sets them apart.

Adamu GarbaAbuja

SCM Capital Limited's team of experts has consistently demonstrated their proficiency in financial analysis and risk management. Their recommendations have proven to be both insightful and profitable.

Kelechi Amadifrom Anambra

Our experience with SCM Capital Limited has been nothing short of exceptional. Their dedication to providing top-notch service and fostering long-term client relationships is commendable.

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