Our Structured Finance Service

The Structured Finance team works with clients to monetize assets and cash flows through recourse and non-recourse financing structures.

Structured Trade Finance (STF)

Our structured trade finance solutions provide you with the necessary tools and expertise to navigate complex transactions effectively.

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Contract Finance

For businesses that require working capital to fulfil their contractual obligations, our contract finance services offer tailored solutions to bridge the cash flow gap.

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Asset Financing

Unlocking the value of your assets is crucial for driving growth and expanding your business. Our asset financing services help you secure the necessary funding by leveraging your existing assets, such as equipment, machinery, or real estate.

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Restructuring: Lender Negotiation & Recapitalizations

In times of financial distress or when seeking to improve your capital structure, our restructuring services can guide you through challenging situations.

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Short Term Equity Backed Facilities

When urgent financial needs arise, our short-term equity-backed facilities provide swift access to capital to seize time-sensitive opportunities.

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Bridge Finance

Our bridge finance services offer short-term financing options to bridge the gap during transitions such as acquisitions, divestitures, or capital raising.

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